Every time Derby County fans go to their home ground at Pride Park, they are reminded of the club’s glory days under one of the greatest managerial partnership in English football – Brian Clough and Peter Taylor.

The duo, who took The Rams from obscurity in 1967 to the League title in 1972, later moved to nearby Nottingham, twice winning the European Cup with rivals Forest.

The Monumental Icons project team together with senior management of Derby County Football were part of a steering group set up to oversee not only the concept of a statue but also its design, manufacture and installation.

Along with our sculptor Andy Edwards, we consulted with members of the Clough and Taylor families before embarking on the piece. Designed in such a way to reflect the camaraderie of the pair, often described as the greatest ever ambassadors of the sport, the statue sits on a compass pointing to relevant footballing locations.

Whilst a trophy, which is strategically positioned below the heads of Clough and Taylor, acknowledges their successes, the inscription around the base of the statue symbolises what the monument stands for. The words ‘harmony, integrity, unity, solitary and victory’ reinforces the fact that if you work together, whether that’s as a couple, a community or a team, if you stick together and work as one, you are stronger and more likely to succeed.

The finished statue and landscaped surroundings, where visitors and fans alike come to dwell and remember loved ones, has become a genuine attraction and now part of the tourism landscape of Derby.

Date completed: 2009
Location: Pride Park Stadium, Derby

Materials: Bronze statue on white dolomite landscaped base
Commissioned by: Derby County Football Club

The Clough Taylor statue and landscaped surroundings have become a genuine attraction and now part of the tourism landscape of Derby.
Derby City Tourism

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