This is a sculpture of a British and a German soldier greeting each other with a football by their side, commissioned to commemorate the famous truce of Christmas Day 1914.

The statue, named All Together Now, was designed by sculptor Andy Edwards and captures the remarkable moment in December 1914 when enemy soldiers along the Western Front laid down their weapons and emerged from their trenches to shake hands, sing carols, exchange rations, and famously, to take part in football match.

One hundred years on as the country celebrated the centenary of the start of WW1, the memory of the brief transformation of no-mans land into a football pitch remains an enduring symbol of the triumph of peace and common humanity over conflict.

A quarter-size copy was cast in bronze and is today permanently installed at The FA’s St George’s Park National Football Centre in Staffordshire and presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at its opening in October 2012.

A full-size, lightweight resin copy was cast so that it could be transported and man-handled without specialist equipment. In 2014 it was taken in the Belgium town of Messine at the site of the truce on Christmas Day, where it was exhibited to mark the historic day.

Date created: 2013
Location: Replica at St George’s Park, Staffordshire

Materials used: Cast in solid bronze
Commissioned by: The Football Association

Our Christmas Truce statue celebrates an auspicious occasion during World War 1 when soldiers from either side put aside their fear, hunger, anger and sorrow and shared gifts, including the most famous game of football ever played.
Andy Edwards, Sculptor, Monumental Icons

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