Lewis Hamilton: Commemorating a great British champion

21st November 2020

In a year that has seen us separated and divided, both through quarantine and social events, moments of unity have seemed few and far between. If ever we needed an iconic sporting achievement, now has been the time.

It is in this climate that a true moment of history took place, a working-class hero emerged to become one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. As he crossed the chequered flag at the Turkish Grand Prix to secure his 94th race win, he also won his 7th driver’s championship bringing him level with the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Not only has Lewis made his mark on the track, but he has also used his profile to help support the fight for equality which is more prescient than ever this year.

Lewis’s ascension to the peak of Formula One is a great British sporting achievement that deserves to be recognised and preserved to inspire future generations. This is why Monumental Icons are proposing immortalising Lewis Hamilton with a statue, creating a monument to help recognise his legacy in motorsport and British sport more widely.

We are proposing the creation of a sculpture to not only celebrate the successes of Lewis but to also recognise the institutions which helped make this incredible achievement possible. In addition, we are also planning to produce a limited number of 18” high, bronze replicas, with the opportunity for each one to be personalised with the name of an individual or company.

We anticipate that the commissioning and development of this sculpture will attract a large amount of media exposure given the high profile that Lewis’ success is currently enjoying. With an audience as captive as it is ever likely to be and looking for reasons to celebrate in a difficult period, we believe this is the perfect time to commemorate his achievement.

Monumental Icons have a proven track record of delivering statues and sculptures that truly capture the likeness and spirit of the subject.

This year we have helped to immortalise the legacy of another hero of 2020, producing a bust of Captain Sir Tom Moore whose fundraising efforts were another beacon of light in a difficult time. That sculpture will soon be unveiled by the NHS Charity as a lasting tribute to a man who made a difference when his country needed it most.

Our team has also produced pieces commemorating the likes of Muhammad Ali, The Beatles, Sir Stanley Matthews, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and Brian Clough & Peter Taylor.

Our sculptor, Andy Edwards, is passionate about producing pieces that truly represent the character of the subject, working tirelessly to likenesses that have been described as being “like they’re here in the room”.

We feel Lewis’s success is another example of a hero stepping up when they were needed most. A monument to Lewis Hamilton will serve as a reminder to the country that, even in our darkest hour, greatness can emerge to unite us. Not least in Lewis’ support of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

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