Captain Sir Tom Moore commemorated in a bronze bust

14th July 2020

Captain Sir Tom Moore, at the age of 100, won the hearts of the nation after raising more than £32m for the NHS Charity Together during lockdown. Now he’s immortalised in bronze.

“He became our champion against this dreaded virus. I didn’t want his achievements to be forgotten, so I commissioned a bust of him as a permanent memorial”, commented Garry McBride.

From a simple frame a series of photographs for reference the bust of Captain Sir Tom was carefully crafted during lockdown.

Sculptor Andy Edwards said: “The process to go from a clay sculpture to a bronze bust spans roughly the exact time that we were in lockdown. So, for me, it was a very pleasant and meaningful way to spend that.”

The finished clay bust is moulded then cast as a wax prototype. The wax prototype is invested in a ceramic material and the bronze chipped out from that and refined.

It’s hoped that the sculpture will be displayed by NHS Charities Together at one or more of the hospitals that have been on the frontline.

When someone connects with the subject in the way that Tom makes you, then you hopefully get that extra bit of love coming through the piece.

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